17th August 2016

Eurostat data on young Czechs: Use of internet for entertainment, low share of those neither employed nor in education, high employment rate of recent graduates

According to recent Eurostat data on young people aged 16 to 29, in the Czech Republic (2015), the share of young people participating in social networks is 85%, whereas share of young people participating in professional networks is 7%. 83% use internet for playing/downloading games, images, films or music, 82% read newspapers and magazines online, 43% listen to web radio, 40% upload self-created content to any website to be shared, 31% seek health information online, 28% play networked games with other persons, 26% interact with public authorities via internet, 16% create websites and blogs, 10% use online learning materials, 9% use internet for consultations, voting and posting opinions on political and civic issues. Find out more. An article on this survey by EurActiv.cz is available here (in Czech).

Also, the proportion of young people in the Czech Republic aged 20-24 neither in employment nor in education or training decreased by 2.9 percentage points between 2006 and 2015. The lowest rates of neither employed nor in education among young persons aged 20-24 were recorded in the Netherlands (7.2%); in the Czech Republic, the share amounts to 10.8%, compared with 13.7% in 2006, recent Eurostat data show 

There was an increase between 2010 and 2015 in the proportion of early leavers (both women and men) from education or training in Slovakia and Luxembourg (up 2.2 percentage points), the Czech Republic (1.3 percentage points) and Bulgaria and Hungary (0.8 percentage points). In the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Slovenia and the United Kingdom the highest proportion of early leavers was reported in towns and suburbs, Eurostat said.

In 2015, the EU-28 employment rate for recent graduates was 76.9 %, ranging from highs of 90.4 % in Germany and 95.1 % in Malta to lows of 45.2 % in Greece and 48.5 % in Italy; a lower rate was also recorded in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (48.0 %). Aside from Germany and Malta, there were seven additional EU Member States where the employment rate of recent graduates was above the 82.0 % benchmark target set by the ET 2020: the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. Read more



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