13th September 2016

Eurostat: Prague, Ostrava inhabitants satisfied with the city's cultural facilities

"Generally speaking, please tell me if you are very satisfied, rather satisfied, rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied with cultural facilities such as concert halls, theatres, museums and libraries in your city?" inhabitants of 83 European cities were asked in 2015. Results show significant disparities between capital cities in the European Union (EU), with levels of satisfaction ranging from 34% to 97%.

In most capitals, inhabitants are generally satisfied with cultural facilities. Vienna, Helsinki, Prague and Stockholm were the EU capital cities with the highest proportions of their inhabitants very or rather satisfied with the cultural facilities in their city, in contrast notably to inhabitants of Valletta. 90% and 84% of resident inhabitants of Prague and Ostrava, respectively, were satisifed or rather satisfied, Eurostat writes. Read more.

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