30th September 2016

InterNations.org: 2016 Family Life Index: Czech Republic surges to 2nd place

In 2016, the Family Life Index consists of 45 countries, up from 41 last year. In order to be included, each country had to have at least 31 respondents who are raising dependent children abroad. The index ranks countries according to childcare and education options in general, their availability, their costs, the quality of education, and overall family well-being. The Czech Republic came in 2nd.

Having not qualified for the Family Life Index in 2015 due to an insufficient number of participants with children, the Czech Republic shoots from 15th in 2014 to 2nd in 2016. The availability and costs of childcare and education there are rated well by expat parents, with close to three-quarters (74%) overall agreeing that education is easy to afford in the Czech Republic compared to the global average of 45%. The opinions on the quality of education, however, are not quite so good. While the country still receives 81% generally positive opinions, it is in 13th place for this particular factor, compared to 2nd and 5th for availability of childcare and education, respectively.

The Family Well-Being subcategory is a mixed bag. Not one parent has something negative to say about children’s health there, with 94% being overall positive. Similarly, the Czech Republic comes third for the children’s well-being factor with 91% of expat parents overall satisfied. However, similar to the attitude towards foreign residents in general, the local attitude towards families with children does not receive glowing reviews. The country comes in 36th for this factor with 13% rating it negative to at least some degree, compared to 7% globally.

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