2nd August 2018

InterNations.org Expat Insider 2017: Czech Republic ranks first in Working Abroad Index

According to the Expat Insider 2017 survey, most expats in the Czech Republic are very satisfied with their family life, but it can be hard to find friends.

  • First place in Working Abroad Index
  • 78% rate economy favorably
  • Over nine in ten parents (92%) happy with children’s health
  • In top 5 for Quality of Life Index
  • Czech is a significant language barrier


Expats working in the Czech Republic have everything they could ever want in terms of working abroad. The country comes 1st out of 65 destinations in the Working Abroad Index, and expats are particularly satisfied with their job and career, as well as work-life balance. An Australian working in the Czech Republic says: “My working conditions are excellent here. My employer offers me a lot of benefits, including more vacation days and good healthcare.”

While 53% of expats worldwide rate their career prospects positively, 65% of expats in the Czech Republic are happy with this aspect; three-quarters also rate their job satisfaction positively. Although working hours aren’t too different from the global average, working expats in the Czech Republic are more satisfied than the average expatriate (76% vs. 61%). This leads to the Czech Republic doing well in the Work-Life Balance subcategory, where it ranks 4th out of 65, with 73% of expats saying they’re happy with their work-life balance.

The labor market in the Czech Republic is strong, and unemployment rates are at an all-time low. The Financial Times states that this is due to the growth in economic activity, and young people having more success entering the labor market. This current prosperity could be one reason why 78% of expats rate the state of the local economy favorably, as opposed to a global average of 56%.

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Source: InterNations.org


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