10th July 2019

M.Mejtsky of Petyovsky & Partners: The Czech Republic: New Appointments Currently not Available at some Czech Embassies

In relation to finalisation of the legislative process of the Czech Immigration Law amendment, which is expected to be effective as of the 1st of September 2019, some of the Czech Embassies has temporarily stopped accepting appointment requests for submission of Employee Card applications and Long-Term Visa applications for the purpose of "Business", M.Mejtsky of Petyovsky & Partners writes.

This measure has been introduced by Embassies where appointments were available beyond August 2019, as arranging appointments now might interfere with the new quota system which is to be introduced.

Currently, the below listed Embassies has stopped registering the new appointments:

CZ Embassy in Kyiv
CZ Consulate in Lviv
CZ Embassy in Minsk
CZ Embassy in Moscow
CZ Embassy in New Delhi
CZ Consulate in Saint Petersburg
CZ Consulate inYekaterinburg

According to the information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the appointment system should re-open during August 2019 with appointments available in September 2019.


Author: Miroslav Mejtsky, Partner, Petyovsky & Partners

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