9th May 2017

Monster.cz: Ostrava - the city of a wide industrial heritage and scarce job openings for non-Czech speakers

Ostrava is sometimes called "Black Ostrava" and "Steel City" due to its heavy industry history. Ostrava's Vitkovice district was the center of the local iron and steel industry for decades. Though, this old image is slowly dispersing with promoting the industrial heritage as a part of an emerging tourism industry.

Employers in Ostrava city are generally less willing to employ a person without basic knowledge of Czech language compared to other big cities like Prague and Brno. But that's no reason to throw in the towel since there's still quite a few employers who welcome people from abroad, especially those higher-skilled. Among the top employers in the town, we may count brands like Tieto, Siemens, Okin, Comdata, GE Money, and ABB. Employment contracts are customary in Ostrava, whether for an employment relationship for a definite or indefinite period, temporary work or seasonal employment. Despite there is no central registry of job openings in Ostrava, most of the recruitment agencies and direct employers can be easily reached out online. Read full article.

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