9th May 2016

OECD data on wage inequality between OECD countries: Czech Republic at the bottom end of ranking

OECD published data on annual average wages in the organisation's member countries. The level of average annual wage in the Czech Republic hits the bottom end of the ranking (and we should bear in mind that majority of the Czech working population does not reach even the country's average wage).

The foreign-owned companies in the Czech Republic steal employees from medium-sized and small businesses based in the regions, director of the Association of Exporters said in an article by the Hlidacipes.org server that adds an information that 40% of graduates with technical education do not take up technical positions in the labor market. Also, many employers decide to "bring up" their own managers, the Confederation of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic says.

The ceskapozice.cz server informed that there are around 100,000 employees with technical education missing in the Czech industry. Some companies are losing opportunities for new contracts and consider cutting down on the investment set aside for production expansion, the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic warned. Work permits for foreign workers are a lengthy process.The Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Czech Republic has been talking about the critical situation in the construction sector, where number of school leavers with technical education - qualified masons, plumbers, or heating engineers has fallen sharply (by 30 to 70% in the past ten years). The same goes for carpenters and drapers.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic