7th December 2016

OECD: Income Inequality Update: Income inequality in the Czech Republic rising, still the gap remains relatively narrow

There is widespread concern that economic growth has not been fairly shared, OECD states in its latest Income Inequality Update. 

Since 2010, income inequality decreased by a significant amount (close to 2 points) in Turkey, mainly reflecting developments in labour incomes. It increased most significantly in Estonia (by more than 3 points). Changes in all other OECD countries were less pronounced during this recent period (though, for most countries, upwards, including the Czech Republic).

Overall, looking at changes since 2007, inequality increased also by more than 2 points in the Slovak Republic, Spain and Sweden, while it fell in Iceland and Latvia. 

In the Czech Republic, top 20% of earners get 36.1% of the income total (2014). The income inequality in the country has been increasing since 2007, despite declining unemployment (3.8% at the national level in October 2016, Eurostat data). 

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