7th December 2016

Radio Praha: International survey suggests Czech employees have high work satisfaction

The Czech Republic has some of the happiest employees in the world, according to a survey released by the Swedish firm Universum. The country ranks 10th on the chart of work satisfaction in 57 states the world over, Radio Praha writes. 

The annual survey by the Swedish firm Universum monitored the feelings of 250, 000 employees in 57 countries, focussing on three segments: people’s satisfaction in their current job, the probability that they would recommend their employer to others, and loyalty, i.e. whether the employee wants to change his/her job in the near future. Employees in Denmark rated top in terms of work satisfaction, followed by Norway and Costa Rica. The Czech Republic placed 10th, ahead of countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France and the US.

The full article is available here (in English).

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