9th November 2016

EC: Danube Region Strategy: Success Stories

The European Commission published the Danube Region Strategy: Success Stories, a collection of successful projects, reflecting the achievements of the Strategy during its first 5 years of implementation. Since 2011, the Danube Strategy of the EU provides a framework through which countries and regions along the Danube are working together to better tackle their joint challenges

For example, universities, research institutes and laboratories, as well as private and public institutions and non-governmental organisations from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine are involved in the DREAM project, a unique research channel built at the Danube River. The new facility offers new ways of approaching different questions of river construction, flood control, hydropower, shipping and ecology,  using a state-of-the-art research structure with a 10 m3 free-flowing discharge (unique in Europe).
More details on this and other projects are available here.

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