10th February 2023

Last year was marked by a decline in the number of used cars to be found on the market

The number of nearly new EVs offered on the Czech used car market increased by 39.5% year-on-year and hybrids increased by 12.1% in 2022 compared to the previous year. A significant reduction was registered in the offer of nearly new used cars in the case of the previously very popular cars powered by compressed natural gas. The offer of these cars dropped by 38.4% year-on-year. The start of last year was still marked by the tail end of the COVID pandemic, while at the end of February an economic ‘black swan’ arrived in the form of the war in Ukraine. This has exacerbated the problems in car manufacturers’ supply chains. As a result of this, new car deliveries last year were low. Given the shortage of new cars, there were understandably also fewer nearly new cars coming onto the market, which explains the 16% drop in cars on offer in this segment. In contrast, alternative and new technologies increased their market share.

Last year, AURES Holdings, operator of the AAA AUTO, Mototechna, Auto Diskont and Driverama networks, broke its all-time record set in 2021, selling over 89,000 vehicles. The company is currently looking for 90 employees in the Czech Republic, 15 in Slovakia and 31 in Poland. We are looking for candidates for all types of positions, from car preparation all the way through to managerial roles. For positions which are difficult to fill due to the lack of qualified employees, such as car mechanics, we are offering candidates, among other things, a recruitment bonus of CZK 50,000. In the larger branches we are also interested in people with an education in specific trades, for whom we offer professional training to develop their professional specialisation, e-learning courses, but also the opportunity to gain the necessary experience from older and more experienced colleagues. We have around 130 IT professionals working for us, with situations currently vacant in the fields of data analytics, data science and software development. We are an official Microsoft partner for Data & AI and, among other things, enable employees to obtain Microsoft certification. IT is currently one of the parts of our company which is experiencing the most growth. A full list of positions advertised in the Czech Republic can be found on the company’s website at https://lnkd.in/eh3REfNS.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic