8th January 2019

The Washington Post/Coca-Cola Company: What if plastic never became waste?

In communities all over the world, circular recycling solutions provide a path to keeping plastic products out of our natural environments for good. Read the Coca-Cola Company story by The Washington Post.

In Mexico, it is “a matter of investment, education, engagement and motivating consumers to be part of that infrastructure, as well as driving that infrastructure and making it more efficient,” said Ben Jordan, senior director of environmental policy at The Coca-Cola Company, who points to the fact that emerging infrastructures are often more flexible, and better able to accommodate new initiatives, than established economies.

Estonia’s success as one of the E.U.’s most dedicated recyclers can be attributed to its creation of a win-win-win ecosystem that involved establishing a network of recycling vending machines at major gathering points throughout the country. Through this approach, people can exchange plastic, glass, and cans for cash or charity donations, which is widely popular and highly effective. “The success of these vending machines has less to do with any design or technology innovation than simple convenience: Consumers can easily find and use the machines, making the recycling process feel like a simple trip to the ATM,” said Nele Normak, Coca-Cola’s public affairs and communications manager for the Baltic region, to The Washington Post.




Source, image credit: The Washington Post, Coca-Cola Company



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