21st April 2015

AmCham Policy Report, Issue 4 - April 17

One year, more or less, into the Sobotka government, can we say we know more about its intentions than we did on its first day? Has it set a clear direction for where it wants to steer the country? If so, has it provided undeniable indications that it has the capability to make the country go where it wants it to go?

We would argue the answers, in order, are no, no, and (by default) no. Nevertheless, the business community and the country seems content with the coalition in power. Their atti-tude toward this government may be more an indictment of previous governments than any enthusiasm for the current constellation of ministers and parties. That means the calm is based more on tolerance than affection for the current group of politicians. Things could go downhill in a hurry.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic