29th July 2019

BCG 2019 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment: Czech Republic ranks 24th

Boston Consulting Group’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA) tracks relative well-being of a country’s citizens and provides insight into how well a country converts its wealth into well-being. Ten dimension and fourty indicators have been assessed for 143 countries in the 2019 data set.

Income affects well-being in many ways. But it is clear that well-being is not simply a function of income. After all, we see many countries at similar income levels that have quite different well-being levels. When GDP and well-being measures are moving in different directions, it’s a sign of missed opportunities to pursue policies that can serve both goals, the report says.

EducationHealth, and Infrastructure dimensions stand out as they account for a large share of public expenditure and lend themselves to decisive policy action and program implementation. In addition, there is a strong link between Education and Employment dimensions.

Countries that perform well overall in well-being and have based their progress in outstanding performance in either of the above mentioned dimensions can be a valuable source of best practices, the report suggests.


Czechia ranks 24th, reaching the highest scores for EqualityHealth and Economic Stability dimensions.


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Indicators used to calculate scores for SEDA’s ten dimensions come from these sources: DataBank and Worldwide Governance Indicators (The World Bank); Environmental Performance Index (Yale University and Columbia University in collaboration with the World Economic Forum); Global Competitiveness reports (World Economic Forum); Global Health Observatory (World Health Organization); Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation); Indices of Social Development (International Institute of Social Studies); Programme for International Student Assessment (OECD); United Nations; World Economic Outlook database (International Monetary Fund).


Source: Boston Consulting Group

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