27th February 2015

Competitiiveness: Czech economy results for 4Q 2014

According to the data provided by the Czech Statistical Office the Czech economy grew in 4Q of 2014 by 1.5 % instead of 1.3 % as were the original estimates of the Czech Statistical Office. Also the growth compared to previous quarter was eventually higher when it ended at the value of 0.4 % instead of 0.2 %. What remained unchanged according to the estimate was Czech overall economy growth that was confirmed at the level of 2 %. This was particularly beause of the number of domestic demand that were 2 % higher in year-on-year comparison and compared to 3Q the economy grew by 1.2 % that was the highest growth since 2010. In spite of the improvement there were areas that fared slightly worse such as construction, agriculture or enterprise facilities and services. On the contrary other sectors, for example transportation, fared better or at least retained their dynamics. The 2014 economy growth was also supported by foreign demand, raise of gross capital and of household expenditures that grew by 1.7 % in year-on-year comparison with 2013.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic