21st May 2015

Competitiveness: Eurostat:Prague among regions with highest GDP per capita in EU28


On 21 May 2015, the Eurostat published its report on regional GDP per capita for 2013, expressed in purchasing power standards.

"The leading regions in the ranking of regional GDP per capita in 2013, after Inner London in the United Kingdom (325% of the average), were the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (258%), Bruxelles/Brussel in Belgium (207%), Hamburg in Germany (195%), Groningen in the Netherlands (187%), Bratislavsky kraj in Slovakia (184%), Stockholm in Sweden (179%), Île de France in France (175%) and Praha in the Czech Republic (173%)...

... It should be noted, however, that in some regions the GDP per capita figures can be significantly influenced by commuter flows. Net commuter inflows in these regions push up production to a level that could not be achieved by the resident active population on its own. There is a corresponding effect in regions with commuter outflows.“

To read full version of the report, click here.

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