29th December 2015

Czech Republic 28th in UN's 2015 Human Development Index. Could do better?

The UN's 2015 Human Development Index looks at gender inequality, maternal mortality ratio, adolescent birth rate, share of seats in parliament, population with at least some secondary education. and labour force participation rate, among others. The Czech Republic ended up 28th in global ranking, with average annual growth rate 0.4% in 2010-2015. 

Median age in the Czech population was 40.9 in 2015. Life expectancy at the age of 60 was 21.1 years in 2010/2015. There were 36.2 physicians per 10,000 people in 2001-2013. Public health expenditure reached 7.2% of GDP in 2013, total tax revenue 2005-2013 reached 13.4% of GDP, and  R&D expenditure 2005-2012 amounted to 1.9% of GDP. Domestic food price level/volatility index was 10.7.

Fresh water withdrawals accounted for 13.8% of the total renewable water resources in 2005-2014. Vulnerable employment accounted for 14.5% of the total employment in 2008-2013. Prison population was 154 per 100,000 people in 2002-2013. International student mobility reached 6.5% of total tertiary enrolment in 2013.

Read more details in the report. Country data are attached bellow.

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