23rd May 2019

expats.cz: The Czech tax system is one of the world’s most complicated

Czech taxes are complicated, according to the Global MNC Tax Complexity Project, which has measured the complexity of tax systems in 100 countries around the world, expats.cz wrote.

The Czech Republic comes in at #85 on that list, trailing countries like Mexico, Russia, and neighboring Slovakia.

Each country’s tax system is assessed in two main areas, Tax Code Complexity and Tax Framework Complexity; individual measurements in the two areas include criteria like the clarity of Depreciation, Dividends, and Interest, and the complexity of tax system Guidance, Filing, Audits and Appeals. 

The Czech Republic fared best in the ‘Additional Taxes’ rating, or the “taxes that are levied on MNCs’ taxable income in addition to corporate income taxes (commonly referred to as “local” or industry-specific taxes),” coming in at #14 out of the 100 countries in the study, expats.cz wrote. >> More.



Below is a comparison of results for Estonia, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, United States, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
















Source of images, data: https://www.taxcomplexity.org/ 



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