2nd December 2022

Pillar 2 of the BEPS 2.0 initiative back on the EU agenda

Simply put, the BEPS 2.0 initiative rests on 2 pillars:

  • taxing a larger share of the profits of selected multinational corporations in the countries where they have customers (Pillar 1) and
  • the introduction of a global minimum effective tax rate (Pillar 2). 

EU countries have not yet found a consensus on the proposed EU Directive implementing Pillar 2 (due to Hungarian opposition).

However, the initiative has been put back on the EU agenda - specifically for the ECOFIN meeting on 6 December. There are whispers behind the scenes that a deal with Hungary may have been reached and a final agreement on the proposed EU directive implementing Pillar 2 could be reached at the December meeting.

We will continue to monitor this initiative and everything related to it.

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Karel Hronek


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic