30th August 2018

USA Investment Guide: General Economic Data, Government Incentives and Key Contacts

The U.S. presents the challenge of an unfamiliar market and regulatory structure. This challenge can be met effectively by securing knowledge readily available. Every state has active investor councils to help foreign investors navigate incentives, regulation, and logistics. This guide is intended as a preliminary look at those issues and resources.




Introduction (page 3)
I. Federal and State Taxes (3- 5)
II. Visa Requirements (5-6)
III. Work Permit (6-7)
IV. Business Formation (7)
V. Infrastructure (8)
VI. Licenses, Permits (8-9)
VII. Social Security, Healthcare (9-10)
VIII. State data and Investment agencies
(alphabetical) (11-61)

See the USA Investment Guide.

The info and data were updated in June 2018. It will be updated annually.

If you have suggestions for other information that would help an investor take the first step toward deciding where to invest, please send to amcham@amcham.cz.


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic