5th January 2021

Czech Investment in ICT Equipment, Software at 4.3% of GDP

In 2019, companies and public administration invested almost CZK 245 bn in ICT equipment and software. Investment in software and databases has been growing at a significantly faster pace, accounting for two-thirds of the total investment in ICT, than investment in ICT equipment. More than 18% of the total R&D expenditures in the country were spent in the ICT industry.







In 2018 and 2019, investment into ICT in the Czech Republic reached 4.3% of GDP. According to available data, this was a level above the EU average in 2018. 



In 2019, CZK 20.5 bn were spent on research and development in the field of ICT in the Czech Republic, an increase by almost two thirds compared with the volume invested three years ago. In 2019, CZK 14.7 billion was spent on research and development of software, applications and other services, the remaining CZK 5.8 billion was used for research and development of ICT equipment and electronic components.



Expenditures of households for ICT equipment and services exceeded for the second year in a row one hundred billion Czech crowns. In 2019, households paid CZK 110 bn for ICT equipment and services, amounting to 4.1% of the total household expenditure. In recent years, fees for telecommunications and Internet services have predominated in these expenditures.


In 2019, there were 20,600 ICT students enrolled in Czech universities, a decrease by one-fifth compared with 2010 due to general decrease in university students absolute numbers (demographic factor). This decline would have been even greater, but the rising number of foreign students has moderated the trend.


More details in Digital Economy in Figures 2020 (in Czech).

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