11th March 2016

Eurostat: Czech educational expenditure below EU28 average; teachers' pay below Czech average wage

The Czech Republic, with expenditures on education amounting to 4.3% of GDP, is below the EU28 average of 5.3%. The top performer is Sweden with 7.4% of GDP spent on education, whereas Latvia and Romania give out only 2.6% of their GDP. 

In most EU Member States the majority of current expenditure was on teachers’ pay, although such pay accounted for less than half of current expenditure in Slovakia, Finland, the Czech Republic and only around one quarter of all current expenditure in Slovenia. The average nominal monthly wage in the Czech Republic exceeds 28,000CZK (Q4 2015), the Czech Statistics Office informed. Most of Czech teachers in primary and secondary education do not reach even that level. 

With the sole exception of the Czech Republic, in the EU Member States financial aid to students made up a larger share of public expenditure on tertiary education than it did for upper secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education. Equally, the share for upper secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education was higher than the share for primary and lower secondary education, except in Bulgaria and Luxembourg, Eurostat says.





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