23rd September 2015

Economic Policy: OECD: 2015 Migration Outlook


On 22 Spetember, OECD published their 2015 International Migration Outlook and a Policy Brief on the Refugee Crisis.

Until the end of August, the European Border Agency FRONTEX counted more than 500 000 illegal border crossings, nearly double the 280 000 recorded for the whole of 2014. Europe will probably record more than one million asylum applications in 2015. Up to 450 000 of these are expected to obtain a status of humanitarian migrant and eventually settle...

..The International Migration Outlook also stresses that most migration to Europe and the OECD still occurs through legal channels, outside of the asylum system. For 2014, it estimates about 4.3 million permanent entries to OECD countries, up 6% from 2013 (less than one fourth is free mobility within EU)...In 2014, about 2.7 million doctors in the OECD were foreign-trained, accounting for more than one in four doctors in the United Kingdom and the United States and more than one in three or more in Ireland, Israel, New Zealand and Norway. A third of all doctors originating from low-income countries is an expatriate in an OECD country...Read more.

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