11th August 2023

AmCham Human Resources Committee and immigration of highly skilled workers: Digitization and prioritization is necessary

AmCham Human Resources Committee represented by AmCham board member, Martina Kneiflová of EY and Mirek Mejtský of Petyovský & Partners met with OAMP Director Pavla Novotná, Head of Department of Migration Legislation Jindřiška Sedláková, Analyst at OAMP Ondřej Brychta and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs representatives Head of Advisory Team, Cabinet of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Skalková and Anna Brabcová, Director of Department of Labor Market Integration.

Government decision-making on immigration is divided into policy and process. The government makes three primary policy decisions: the quantity of immigrants, the quality of immigrants, and the priorities of who should be processed. The government also has three key areas of process: regulation, infrastructure, and people.

We heard from all sides that digitization of the immigration process is necessary. It needs to be defined which positions, in which sectors and which levels of education are a priority for the Czech government. The immigration is relevant in very high-skilled and the lowest-skilled workers groups, but in the middle of the spectrum there are Czechs who need to reskill. It will be explored how the private sector can help with these efforts.


Thank you for the debate and exchange of insights.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic