25th April 2017

Czech Workforce Report 5 updated for 2016 data: Ústecký region: Employment & Median Wage 2011-2016

AmCham Advocacy team is publishing updated Czech Workforce Report 5 updated for 2016 data: Ústecký region: Employment & Median Wage 2011-2016 (full version in English attached below). 

Key findings

Employment. The region experienced employment drop during the 2011-2016 period; more manual than non-manual jobs were eliminated in the period. However, year-on-year in 2016, 3,300 jobs were added, both manual and non-manual.

Employment. In 2011-2016, among the six occupational categories, the only areas of growth were plant, machine operators, assemblers (over 10%) and clerical employees (2.5%). Year-on-year in 2016, an increase in number was recorded in managers (8.8%), professionals (5.2%) and plant, machine operators, assemblers (4.6%) - mainly in the private sector. 

Employment. 49% of employment is of managers (6%), professionals (15%) and technicians (28%). 

Wages. In 2011-2016, all occupational categories in the public sector recorded double digit growth ranging from almost 11% (professionals) to almost 21% (clerical workers). Median wage growth in the private sector in the period ranged from 3.4% (managers)  to over 19% (craftsmen).  

Wages. Year-on-year in 2016, private sector professionals were the only occupational category in both sectors that recorded negative median wage growth (-0.6%). Public sector technicians recorded the largest median wage year-on-year increase (18.9%).

Wages. Clerical workers are one of three out of six occupational areas (along with managers and technicians) in which public sector workforce earns a greater median wage than a private sector counterpart.

Wages. In the 2011-2016 period, the total number of craftsmen in the region fell by 23% - mainly in the private sector. 

Wages. The gap between manager and professional median pay was larger in the public sector than in the private sector. Public sector technicians earned higher median wage in 2016 than public sector professionals and private sector technicians.

Wages. Private sector clerical employees earn the lowest median wage among private sector occupational categories. In 2016, public sector craftsmen earned the lowest median wage out of all occupational categories in both sectors.


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