8th December 2016

Report on National Workforce 2: Employment by Enterprise, Industry and Occupation

AmCham advocacy team have prepared a report on employment by enterprise, industry and occupation. This report is the second of series addressing the development of the Czech employment and compensation market. The reports start at the national level and will work down to the regional and city level.

This series is intended to give AmCham members a general framework which may help explain their current labor-related issues and help them predict how temporary or permanent trends in the workforce will be. The reports will also serve as an evidence-based foundation for our discussions about why Czech wage levels have risen at the rate they have in comparison to other countries in the EU.

The second report shows that employment in enterprises is decreasing (along the lines of the decrease in the working population), and that employment is shifting from larger to smaller enterprises. It also shows that the country has a larger proportion of its population in blue collar labor than in white collar work (although this is changing) than more developed economies in the EU. For those politicians interested in increasing net income, a change in the mix of occupations might be the first priority of effective policymaking.

Full version of the report is available here.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic