12th March 2019

AmCham Health Care Council met with MP Jiří Ventruba to discuss the state of Czech health care and our common priorities

AmCham Health Care Council met with MP Jiří Ventruba, a member of parliamentary health care committee (for ODS) to discuss the state of Czech health care and our common priorities, such as improving quality of disease registries through quality system of digitalization, and introducing the quality criteria in procurement. 

One of the main barriers in health-care public procurement system in the Czech Republic, according to Mr Ventruba, is a lack of expertise of selection committees to prioritize quality to price.

AmCham represents a broad range of business in the Czech Republic, whose perspectives are: that of employers, who finance the system through payroll taxes and benefit from the system through the health of the working population; and that of companies providing products and services to the system, whose objective is to compete through innovation.


According to Mr. Ventruba, “health-care should be always quality x available x free of charge: however, all three criteria are very difficult to meet.”
ODS program priorities as listed by Mr. Ventruba: 
Sufficient funding for health care;
Education of medical staff, quality and availability; targeted and effective education, not necessarily university;
Simplification of administration and bureaucracy for medical staff;
Digitalization of healthcare; obstacles in the form of GDPR and patients´ consent to who can examine their data; 
Ensuring the availability of coordination centres/centre treatments: fewer centres with high quality with standardized performance vs. centres for elementary care available everywhere;
Equal reimbursement for equal care: reimbursement for medical standardized performances.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic