8th August 2023

AmCham Health Care Council: The moment to digitize health care is now, funds are available

Deputy Minister of Health Jakub Dvořáček discussed priorities and bottlenecks with Michala Malat of Johnson&Johnson, Václav Novotný of Aspironix, Eva Karásková of MSD, and others. The talk ranged from the national e-health plan, EHDS, telemedicine, through sustainable financing of health care, innovation, investment and incentives in health care R&D, to digitization of health care- and how each is interconnected with each other. We also investigated how much a priority Europe is for US health care companies. Participants agreed that the Czech health care sector has great potential. The future lies in trust and effective communication and cooperation between the EU, national governments, academia and businesses, each providing their piece of the puzzle. AmCham's earlier debate with Antonín Hlavinka, Head of  Centre for Digital Healthcare, made us consider if we have enough IT people to take full advantage of the funds. 

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic