22nd July 2015

Economic Policy: Health in the European Union - facts and figures. Czech Republic has high density of practising physicians


According to the Eurostat Health in the European Union - facts and figures released on 22 July 2015, the Czech Republic has one of the highest regional density of practising physicians across NUTS 2 regions (as of 2011). The Spanish overseas region of the Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta (1 048 practising physicians per 100 000 inhabitants), followed by another Spanish region — the Comunidad Foral de Navarra — and the Czech, Slovakian and Austrian capital regions of Praha, Bratislavský kraj and Wien, were the only five regions in the EU where upwards of 600 practising physicians existed per 100 000 inhabitants (although in two Greek regions there were more than 600 active physicians per 100 000 inhabitants).

Also, the Czech Republic ranks high in the number of consultations of medical doctors per person every year (11.1 consultations) and the share of public funding of the health care sector (79.2% of the total funding). View also the Eurostat Health care expenditure statistics released on 16 July 2015. View also the World Health Organisation's World Health Statistics 2015.

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