14th July 2015

Economic Policy: OECD Health Statistics 2015: Czech health spending struck by crisis


"Most countries in the European Union reported real per capita health spending below the levels of 2009. Outside of Europe, health spending has been growing at around 2.5% per year since 2010.

Health spending growth has generally remained in line with economic growth, so health expenditure as a share of GDP remained stable relative to 2012. This is in contrast to the years leading up to the economic crisis, when health spending strongly outpaced the rest of the economy. Preliminary growth figures for a dozen OECD countries suggest a similar modest increase in spending overall in 2014, but with growth remaining well below the pre-crisis levels"...Read more.

"The Czech Republic spent the equivalent of USD 2,040 per person on health in 2013, compared with an OECD average of USD 3,453. Public sources accounted for 84% of overall health spending, well above the OECD average"…Read more.

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