24th April 2023

Economist Impact: Preparing for the European Health Data Space (EHDS): unlocking the potential of open data in the Czech Republic - Dr. Pavel Hrobon

We are facing two challenges in the Czech Republic that may also be relevant for other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The first is related to the infrastructure for e-health and, more broadly, digitisation. This infrastructure has not been built yet, largely owing to implementation inefficiencies and capacity constraints at a national level. The second is the availability of health data for secondary use, such as research, measuring quality and safety, and understanding what is happening in the healthcare system.

Although open data has been part of the discussion among stakeholders, more needs to be done. This is where the European Health Data Space (EHDS) can provide direction. The EHDS is a proposed framework by the European Commission to establish common practices, rules and standards for the secure access and use of health data. The proposed framework will support patients' rights to access their own health data, as well as enabling data sharing within the health system and for secondary purposes such as supporting research, innovation and decision-making.

The EHDS can guide national discussions on methods of anonymisation of health data, and the levels of anonymisation required to make data public for research purposes and to monitor what is happening in the Czech healthcare system. Realising the potential of open data in the Czech Republic will start with enhancing the quality and efficiency of our health information system. Electronic health information is a basic prerequisite for true digitisation of the healthcare system. 


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