16th November 2015

OECD: Health at a Glance 2015: CR good at access to care, needs to improve public health, prevention programmes


OECD's Health at a Glance 2015 report, published on 4 November, shows that overall health expenditure continues to grow slowly in many OECD countries in line with GDP growth...Read the press release.

The report says that the Czech Republic spends much less on health and is achieving good results for several indicators on access to care, but could improve public health and prevention programmes and improve the quality of care for people who have chronic diseases such as diabetes...Finland and Sweden do relatively well in saving the lives of people following diagnosis for cervical, breast or colorectal cancer, but the survival rates for these types of cancer is lower in Chile, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Ireland...Child obesity is rising, alcohol consumption remains high, life expectancy gap between higher and lower educated men is more than ten years and less than 60% of adults consider themselves to be in good health. Also, there has been a strong rise in medical graduates, with international students accounting for about 30% of all medical graduates in the country in recent years (this includes Slovaks, though).The share of foreign-trained doctors and new nurse graduates is low. More data, statistics and infographics are available in the report.

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