11th November 2016

ÚZIS: Health care and health in the Czech Republic - economic results of hospitals, data on individual fields of medicine

Hospitals’ costs totalled CZK 141.6bn in 2015, up 5.1% year-on-year. This stems from the data from the Medical Information and Statistics Institute of the Czech Republic (ÚZIS). Personnel costs were the biggest item, having grown by 6.5% year-on-year and accounting for 46.3% of total costs in 2015 (40,1% in Prague and 53% in the Ustecky region, for example). Spending on medicines increased by 10.4%. Hospitals’ total revenues grew 3.7% to CZK 141.9bn. Hospitals’ income from health insurers grew 5.2%. Payments from medical insurers formed 83.1% of hospital’s income, ČIANEWS summarized data collected by ÚZIS.

On average, expenditures on drugs make 15.2% of the total costs of hospitals whereas spending on medical devices amouts to 12.5% of the total costs. The data are available here.

Also, ÚZIS published the Health Care in the Czech Republic 2015 report with 2015 data on all fields of medicine. 

The European Comission published infographics on hospital spending in the EU.

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