11th August 2016

AmCham Policy Report - Issue 8 - August 11: Prosperity: Has there been a price for too much dependence?

Recently, AmCham participated in a workshop on the development of economy held under the guidance of the Senate of the Czech Parliament. Speakers of all shapes and stripes were present: businesses, academics, union reps, and politicians. Everyone agreed that the country was at an economic crossroad (one could argue that every country always is at a crossroad), but disagreed on what directions we could choose to take. AmCham, of course, argued its usual– openness to the global market, development of cities through top universities and attraction of talent and capital, and intense focus on commercially useful technological advantage through public research that spurred private product development. 

We were expecting some different views. We got them. One presenter complained that dividends flows out of the country were depriving workers of their income. An academic argued that the country was too dependent on foreign capital.

Read full article in English attached below.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic