12th October 2015

Economic Policy: Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2015


On 9 October, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union published Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2015. The five EU regions recording the largest gap between the employment rates of women and men aged 25-34 were Severozápad (with a 33.2 pp gap), Střední Morava (30.0 pp), Jihozápad (28.8 pp) and Severovýchod (28.0 pp), all in the Czech Republic, as well as the Greek region of Dytiki Makedonia (28.0 pp)...

...A relatively high contribution of industrial activities to regional gross value added was largely concentrated in a cluster of regions that spread over southern Germany, the whole of the Czech Republic (apart from the capital region), up into Poland, and down through regions of Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia...

..The region with the highest R&D intensity in the Czech Republic is the Jihovýchod NUTS region (gross domestic expenditure on R&D amounts to 2.6% of GDP). The Czech region with the lowest expenditure on R&D is the Severozápad region (0.4% of GDP). Apart from the capital region of Praha, all of the remaining regions in the Czech Republic had a high degree of industrial specialisation...Read more details.

Click also on the analysis of the Czech Statistical Office on regional income disparities in the Czech Republic.

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