31st January 2018

M.Skorepa/Ceska sporitelna compares trade exchange between Czech Republic and Bavaria, Russia, China

In the light of the recent presidential election and the campaign surrounding it, Michal Skorepa, Economist at Ceska sporitelna, has calculated trade volume of the Czech Republic with Bavaria, Germany, compared with trade exchange of the Czech Republic with Russia and China. The calculations are based on data published by the Czech Statistical Office and German Statistical Office. (The data do not include indirect export/re-export. The final results could differ.)












Figure 1 shows the total turnover, that is exports from the Czech Republic and imports to the country combined. The dotted line shows a sum for trade exchange of the Czech Republic with Russia and China. The total turnover has been higher for Czech-Bavarian trade than for the exchange with Russia and China combined (although this has happened only after 2014 when the sanctions against Russia were introduced and the share of trade between the Czech Republic and Russia has declined). 












Figure 2 depicts Czech exports and shows that Bavaria as a Czech export destination has been far ahead of Russia and China, even before 2014.


Source of data and infographics:


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic