7th February 2016

OECD: Czech R&D expenditures of 2% of GDP slightly above EU average, bellow OECD average. UNESCO Women in science data inside

OECD recently published data on R&D expenditures for 41 countries, including the Czech Republic. The country, with R&D expenditures amounting to 2% of GDP (622.9 (2014)) ranks slightly above the EU average, but bellow the OECD average. South Korea spends 4.29% of its GDP on research and development, followed by Israel with 4.11% and Japan with 3.58% of GDP in 2015.

As for the Czech Republic, 37.6% of R&D is financed by the industry, 32.9% by the government, and 0.7% by "other national sources", the data show. 27.2% of R&D is financed from abroad. In 2013, there were 6.8 researchers per 1,000 labour force, 50.7% of business enterprise researchers, and 28.3% of women researchers, OECD says.  Read more details in Czech. 

Also, read recommendations of the National Convention on the EU on R&D and innovations in the Czech Republic (in Czech). The recommendations relate to assessment of research organisations, their results and international cooperation, funding of research organisations, establishment of a system of financial oversight over R&D projects, strengthening of R&D diplomacy, and support to research areas with key importance for competitiveness of the Czech economy and meeting the needs of the Czech society.

Also, listen to an interview with Dana Bérová, manger, businesswoman and former Czech Minister for Informatics on Radio Zet saying that investment should flow into people rather than into ideas.

Read UNESCO analysis Is the gender gap narrowing in science and engineering? According to the published data, in 2012, the representation of female researchers (who account for 28% of all researchers in the country) was following: 28.2% in natural sciences, 12.8% in engineering and technology, 50.6% in medical sciences, 36.1% in agricultural sciences, and 42.2% in social sciences and humanities.The share of women among researchers employed in the business enterprise sector is 15.1% (2013 or closest year).



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