31st October 2018

Dentons launches Market Insights publication: “Digital Transformation and the Digital Consumer”

The publication was prepared by Dentons lawyers from Europe and provides guidance on EU and national law which govern digitalization projects and online business, including data protection, e-privacy, consumer rights, intellectual property protection, competition and antitrust, and employment law.  This publication is part of Dentons’ new Market Insights series, in which the firm will publish articles on an ongoing basis, presenting different aspects of digital transformation from around the world.  While the current issue focuses on Europe, other geographic regions will follow in future editions.

“In today’s digital age, companies are looking to technology not only to improve efficiency and reach new customers, but often to ensure their very survival.  However, they are often unaware of the complex legal and regulatory obligations that come along with digitalization. In this guide, we share the insights that our lawyers have gained on hundreds of digitalization projects, to help readers avoid costly delays and compliance risks,” said Igor Ostrowski, Co-Chair of Dentons’ Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications group. “For the vast majority of companies, a decision to implement such a strategy is fueled by the need to keep up with evolving customer behaviors, so the digital customer is a key theme running throughout the publication.”

The publication consists of an anthology of articles, each offering a unique perspective on digital transformation, to assist organizations planning or implementing their digital transformation strategy. The articles include:

  • Catching up with the digital consumer
  • Getting started – clearing the legal hurdles for your digital transformation project
  • Data centers – at the heart of the European cloud and co-location market
  • Engaging with evolving regulation – GDPR
  • Consumer protection and online advertising
  • Identifying and contracting with digital consumers
  • eCommerce, the evolution of FinTech and the growth of cryptocurrencies
  • Enforcing IP rights in a digital environment
  • Big data and EU competition law
  • The impact of digital transformation on employment law
  • Artificial intelligence – the next evolution of digital transformation

The publication is free of charge and available for download at: https://www.dentons.com/en/insights/guides-reports-and-whitepapers/2018/october/30/digital-transformation-and-the-digital-consumer

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