9th May 2024

Changes to agency employment in 2024

The employment agency must demonstrate that it has no arrears of taxes or levies to the financial administration, customs administration, social security authorities and health insurance companies at the time of application and every six months after obtaining the permit. There is also a certain enhancement in the protection of temporarily assigned employees, as users can no longer terminate temporary assignment by notifying the agency at any time (if the agreement with the agency allowed it to do so). Now it is also necessary to deliver such unilateral termination to the employee at least 14 days in advance (does not apply to temporary assignments created before the end of 2023). Among other noteworthy changes is the expansion of the content of the annual mandatory reports to also include data on users and the number of temporarily assigned employees, new requirements for marking and identifying the agency's registered office (before submitting an application and throughout the entire period of activity) and, finally, moving the entire agenda related to employment mediation from the Employment Office to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Contact: Radek Matouš 

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic