Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

This section details initiatives to make government a competitive advantage. It includes analysis and reports of government initiatives, as well as data on accountability and performance measures.

Spotlight issue

13th November 2017 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

Radio Praha: GRECO President in Prague: 'Without good people, even a perfect law is futile.'

'One of our recommendations in the fourth round is related to implementation – that is an area where the country needs to step up its efforts.'
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1st August 2018 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

NSZ: Analysis brings objective facts about the criminality of elected representatives of regional and local governments

The Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office (NSZ) prepared an  Analysis of Criminal Activity of Elected Officials of Territorial Self-Governing Units. The detailed document was created at the request of the Constitutional Law Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and maps comprehensively all criminal proceedings concerning municipal, regional politicians over a period of five years (2013-2017). The material analyzes the hard data provided by all branches of the Public Prosecutor's Office across the Czech Republic, and its findings largely correct some inaccurate information that appears in the public and media space in connection with this issue.
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20th June 2018 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

NFPK: (Non)obligation to report

The deadline for 2017 corporate financial statements will expire within one month, but almost 90 percent of companies have not yet published any. To date, an astounding 65 percent of businesses have failed to insert their accounting documents in the collection of documents pertaining to 2016. Twenty-five percent of firms, i.e. more than 124,000 business entities, have not met their information duty even once in the past six years. The statistics were provided by the consulting company Bisnode, which has the most extensive Czech database of corporate financial and exchange-of-payments.
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28th May 2018 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

2018 EU Justice Scoreboard

The European Commission publishes the 2018 EU Justice Scoreboard which gives a comparative overview of the independence, quality and efficiency of justice systems in the EU Member States.
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic