Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

This section details initiatives to make government a competitive advantage. It includes analysis and reports of government initiatives, as well as data on accountability and performance measures.

Spotlight issue

10th August 2020 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

AmCham CZ Position on New Construction Act

The strength and swiftness of our recovery from the Covid19 crisis will be determined by how much and how soon business will begin to invest in jobs and production. Government stimulus will help, but the efficiency of government administration is just as important. The construction approval process in the Czech Republic is 156th out of 190 countries in World Bank rankings. Moving to the top third in the rankings would be a major contribution not only to accelerating the recovery, but making it possible for the Czech Republic to become TheCountryfortheFuture.
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16th March 2021 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

French court outlines new permanent/fixed establishment concept for digital sector

The court’s decision brings an entirely new view on a permanent/fixed establishment for companies operating in a digital sector. Will other EU member states also get inspired?  
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16th March 2021 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

New Czech foreign direct investment screening regime

On 19 January 2021 the Czech Parliament passed a new act that aims to strengthen the control of foreign direct investments in the Czech Republic (the "FDI Act"). The FDI Act has been introduced as a result of the new EU framework for the screening of foreign direct investments, which was adopted on 10 April 2019 and which applies from 11 October 2020. The FDI Act will have a significant impact on many strategic investments from non-EU countries. Rigorous and potentially retroactive screening of investments may deter potential non-EU investors from considering the Czech Republic as an investment target. The Ministry of Industry and Trade will be in a position to hit the brakes on in-scope transactions made by non-EU investors. The FDI Act will become effective on 1 May 2021.
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10th March 2021 / Good governance / Legal Reform and Transparency

Employers in the Czech Republic must adhere to GDPR when testing employees for Covid-19

Under the recently introduced decree of the Czech Ministry of Health (the “Decree”), employers must test their employees for COVID-19, as we informed you here.
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