Good governance / Social Responsibility

This section details initiatives to make government a competitive advantage. It includes analysis and reports of government initiatives, as well as data on accountability and performance measures.

Spotlight issue

30th October 2018 / Good governance / Social Responsibility

AmCham CZ: The next 100 years

Countries are built on the character of their citizens. Each person's talent, energy, and commitment to community contribute to the progress of a nation, and to the sustainability of that advance. An individual with the skills and fortune to make decisions that determine a company's rise also plays perhaps the most vital role in a country's fate, because progress is financed by prosperity. That is why, since its start in 1992, the AmCham has been focused on two things:..
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21st October 2020 / Good governance / Social Responsibility

Vodafone is also helping in the second wave of the pandemic and thinks mostly of children and the elderly

Vodafone will provide unlimited free internet access to families who cannot provide online teaching for their children. Seniors get an unlimited call on the existing Tarif 60+. In addition, customers who use the eRouška app will not pay for the data that the app needs for its operation. The company has also provided 40 operators to support tracing and is also thinking about supporting companies. Vodafone believes that telecoms can help change the world and the current plight for the better.
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14th October 2020 / Good governance / Social Responsibility

T-mobile supports the application of eRouška, hospitals, public health authorities and entrepreneurs

The company immediately responds to the call of the Government of the Czech Republic and sends today and tomorrow to all its customers with smartphones a request from the Ministry of Health to install the eRouška application All employees of hospitals and regional public health stations will receive unlimited data during the declared emergency and their connection speeds of the fixed internet will be increased to the maximum Small entrepreneurs will receive discounted offers of mobile, data and ICT services For corporate customers, a free security audit of the corporate network and a month's security of work from home, infrastructure audit at a discounted price Special package including laptop and internet access for schools
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21st September 2020 / Good governance / Social Responsibility

AT&T Commits to be Carbon Neutral by 2035

AT&T Commits To Be Carbon Neutral by 2035; Announces Nationwide Expansion of Climate Resilience Tool New Commitments Build on Companywide Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change and Better Prepare for Natural Disasters
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