Good governance / Health Care

This section details initiatives to make government a competitive advantage. It includes analysis and reports of government initiatives, as well as data on accountability and performance measures.

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11th March 2019 / Good governance / Health Care

Distribution of Medical Devices across CEE

With little or no regulation on this subject in most of the region, some countries stand out by setting particularly strict conditions for distribution
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22nd March 2017 / Good governance / Health Care

EHCI 2016: Czech Rep ranks 13th, offers good value for money | Grayling insight into issues of the Czech healthcare sector

The European Health Consumer Index (EHCI) 2016 says the Czech healthcare system offers good value for money. Meanwhile, Jakub Hudec of Grayling Czech Republic says sometimes Czech legislators’ intentions and actions in the area of public procurement are no help in increasing the healthcare system’s effectiveness. 
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16th June 2016 / Good governance / Health Care

How can implementation of MEAT quality criteria increase efficiency of hospitals - workshop materials

On June 7, about 50 representatives of hospitals and medical devices companies met to attend the presentations and workshop about implementation of MEAT quality criterias according to Public Procurement Law in force from October 1, 2016. Ideas were presented by Gunnar Goblirsch - Stockholm County Council, Sweden, Yves Verboven - MedTech Europe, Joana Candeias - Ministry of Health Care, Portugal and Vlastimil Fiedler - Ministry of Regional Development, Czech Republic. The presentations are available inside.  
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8th June 2016 / Good governance / Health Care articles, interviews on healthcare associated infections and their costs

According to the EU, infections related to the provision of health care services in hospitals (healthcare associated infections HAI) affect one in18 to 20 hospitalized patients. There are negative consequences for patients' health and health care system costs. In the Czech Republic, there are 100,000 HAI cases per year. Articles and interviews with experts on the issue are available inside (v českém jazyce).
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