9th December 2013

Good Governance: Citizens’ initiative succeeded – private members’ bills to be proposed

The citizens’ initiative The State Reconstruction (Rekonstrukce státu) that is an umbrella organization of citizens’ legal and anti-corruption initiative has announced that newly elected deputies strive for implementing of some anti-corruption measures that should efficiently help to prevent any malpractice that leads to unnecessary or overpriced spending in the public sector. The emphasis of the initiative lies in several Bills that should be implemented. Among these Bill, the most important is the Act on Civil Service (according to the recent political development, the Bill should proposed in near future as the President Miloš Zeman requires it), the Political Parties Funding Act (zákon o financování politických stran) and further Acts (the list of the Acts could be found on the Initiative websites). Before the early election in October, 2013, candidates of the majority of political parties announced their intention to support those proposals that would enable good governance in the Czech Republic (Transparency International press release). Even after the early election, first private members’ bills have been announced. Primarily, deputies of the TOP09 parliamentary party groups started to deliver first drafts.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic