5th September 2023

Czech Republic opening up to digital nomads

The programme distinguishes between two types of digital nomads: employees working in the Czech Republic for their foreign employer remotely through telecommunication means, or freelancers (self-employed) holding a Czech trade license.

In both cases, the IT specialists must prove university or college education in the natural sciences, technology or mathematics or three years of experience in IT, as well as income of at least 1.5 times the gross annual salary in the Czech Republic.

Inclusion in the programme

A digital nomad does not need to apply to be included in the programme through their employer, as is the case for other government programmes. They can file the application themselves at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

If all requirements are met, the ministry will confirm the applicant's inclusion in the programme, usually within five working days. The applicant then can apply for a visa for a stay of over 90 days. Depending on the digital nomad type, foreigners shall apply either for ‘other purpose’ visas (employees of a foreign company) or for business purpose visas (freelancers). Family members of these specialists then can apply for a family visa. The application should be processed within a shortened period of 45 days.

Decisions on the inclusion in the programme shall be issued for a maximum of one year for employees of a foreign company; for freelancers, the validity of such a decision will not be limited.

If a digital nomad is interested to settle in the Czech Republic for a longer period than allowed by the visa, they must first apply for an extension of their inclusion in the programme and then for a long-term residence permit for the same purpose for which they had applied for their previous visa.

The benefits of the new programme for the Czech Republic are indisputable. In the digital era, it will bring in foreign know-how, encourage the development of activities of foreign technology teams in the Czech Republic, and promote the Czech Republic in IT communities abroad. Fiscal benefits in the form of tax and other payments are also expected. 

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