12th July 2015

Good Governance: e15.cz: Interview with Head of Prague prosecutor's office Bradáčová on results of Czech state prosecution


Public perception of the Czech prosecution is negative. According to the Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer 2013, 52% of respondents in the Czech Republic felt that judiciary was corrupt or extremely corrupt. The proposed new act on State Prosecution drafted by the Ministry of Justice has opened a debate that has lead to a delay in submitting the bill to the Government.

If it becomes clear that the current draft act (on State Prosecution) is not passable, it would be important to reject it. That would still be a better scenario than having the act approved with such conceptual changes that the situation of the state prosecution would get worse than it is today, Head of the Prague prosecutor’s office Lenka Bradáčová says in an intreview for e15.cz. Read more hereherehere and an analysis by the Union of advocates here.

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