9th December 2014

Good Governance: 9 December: International Anti-Corruption Day

The 2014 International Anti-Corruption Day's theme is Break the Corruption Chain. 5 ambassadors in the Czech Republic are applauding the Czech government in an open letter to step up the fulfillment of the anti-corruption commitments. A day for raising awareness of corruption and highlighting the role of the UN’s Convention against Corruption. Corruption is a global challenge that reduces our prosperity by 5% of global GDP every year ($2.6 trillion - World Economic Forum). Corruption also undermines the stability of societies, and governments’ ability to meet the needs of their citizens. Our governments are committed to battling corruption in all its forms at home and abroad.

We applaud the current Czech government’s commitment to combating corruption, as embodied in the Coalition agreement which established legislative priorities to limit opportunities for corruption. We also applaud the Czech government for its 2013 ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption, and look forward to timely and vigorous application of the Convention’s provisions.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic