19th November 2015

Good Governance: Outcomes of conference Insolvency - end point or new chance?


Conference "Insolvency - end point or a new chance?" organized by Insolcentrum took place in the Chamber of Deputies on 12 November 2015. The outcomes of insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic show that general public and businesses do not trust Czech legal order. No one-off solution or amendment to the Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Act can solve the problems. The process fails in all its parts. It is necessary to analyze data, focus on the process as a whole and analyze internal processes within insolvency proceedings. Read details, including presentations of speakers.

Read also an article by the HlidaciPes.org server Let's leave insolvency proposal to motivated debtors instead creditors, says Prague High Court President. Click also on the Radio Prague news article Former bankruptcy judge Jiří Berka sentenced at Tábor court and an article by Hlidacipes.org on how insolvency proceedings work in the Czech Republic.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic