13th January 2014

Good Governance: The Government submitted the Bill on Cyber-security to the Chamber of Deputies

On 8 January, the Government passed the Bill on Cyber-security (zákon o kybernetické bezpečnosti) that was consequently submitted to the Chamber of Deputies. The Bill reflects current trends of security threats in this branch. It also reacts on EU-documents under which the corresponding Bill should be passed in all Member States (there is a reasoned opinion of a necessity to protect information in civil service IT systems). The primary aim of the Bill is to set legal state so that any breach of cyber-security could be at first detected, and secondly solved. Further, as some activities of cyber-security protection shall be delegated to private entities, there is a common need to lay them down by the law. The target situation should regulate security measures, detection of any security breaches and their records, mechanism of reaction to security breaches, and role of agencies of cyber-security. The Bill introduces security measures for which conduct the National Security Authority (NBÚ) is responsible. The Bill also stipulates mechanism of cyber security that NBÚ is to activate if it notices any breach of cyber-security. NBÚ then shall conduct remedy in concordance with other stipulated agencies.

The Bill is heading to the Chamber of Deputies.

For further information, click here (explanatory report).

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