10th June 2016

OLAF 2015 Annual Report: 12 allegations of fraud, serious misconduct coming to OLAF from Czech Republic

Last week, OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office, published its 2015 Annual Report. It summarizes information on preventing and tackling fraud and corruption in the EU. As for the Czech Republic, there were 12 allegations of fraud or serious misconduct coming to OLAF from Czech sources in 2015, 2 coming from the public sector and 10 from the private sector. There were two investigations into the use of EU funds managed in whole or in part at national or regional level, the report says.

In the period between 1 Jan 2008 and 31 Dec 2015, there were nine judicial recommendations by Czech courts following OLAF's judicial recommendations. Czech courts have not taken action in 3 cases, other 4 cases were dismissed, and 2 cases lead to indictments. 

Also, the report shows that, in the Czech Republic, there were  2,788 fraudulent and non-fraudulent irregularities detected in the two main areas of shared management, namely Structural Funds and Agriculture, between 2013-2015, for example.

Read also about a ranking of the most corrupted countries by Business Insider. The Czech Republic ranked 6th. Details in Czech are available here.

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