13th April 2021

Government Restrictions of Activities inside the Czech Republic

All current measures can be found here

Government decrees in English can be found here.

From Monday April 12, the state of emergency, including movement between districts (okresy) and night curfew 9 pm - 5 am, were lifted. The obligation to wear respirators remains in place. Newly, max. two persons (not sharing the same household) will be allowed to group inside as well as outside. No more than 15 persons are allowed to attend funerals and weddings.

On April 7, the obligation for hospitals to limit the care planned in advance was lifted (i.e. elective care resumed). From April 12, pre-school grade of kindergartens reopened. Grades 1-4 of elementary schools in most districts returned to schools on a rotating basis (learning one week at home, one week at school; Q&A on care-givers allowance), with mandatory testing twice a week (Mondays, Thursdays). Higher grades of elementary schools, secondary schools and universities should continue in online learning, their return to school could be possible no sooner than April 26. Secondary school students in their final year and underperforming students are allowed to attend consultations in groups of six from April 19.

Twelve persons are allowed to exercise sports outdoors, while in pairs (i.e. six groups of two persons each) and keeping obligatory distance of ten meters. They will not be required to wear face masks or undergo antigen tests.

From April 12, selected retail and service activities resumed, namely units selling stationery, children's clothing and footwear, dry cleaners and laundries, farmers markets, locksmiths, home appliances repair shops or the units selling car spare parts. ZOOs and botanical gardens opened at 20% of their capacity. Libraries are open to a limited extent under strict conditions.

Restaurants, pubs remain closed with open take-away windows between 5 am and 9 pm. Hotel restaurants continue to serve food only to hotel guests between 5 am and 9 pm, or operate via take-away windows. Provision of accommodation services continues to be limited to listed exceptions.

Offices of public authorities returned to regular working hours.


The Czech Government Udělejme tečku vaccination campaign started with the target of 70% of the Czech population being registered for vaccination. The campaign includes an information website Česko očkuje and a dedicated website Komunikace pomáhá providing communication kits to download. The ambition is also that the campaign is spread via companies, trade unions, interest groups, regional governments or influencers.

The Government opened the pilot run of the National vaccination center in Prague O2 Universum. The full operation will be launched on May 3, 2021.  

From Wednesday April 14, persons aged 65+ will be able to register for vaccination in the Czech Republic.


Mandatory testing of employees 

The testing (with POC antigen tests performed either by healthcare professionals or antigen tests self-administered) is currently mandatory for all companies, public institutions, health and social care providers, businesses with less than 10 employees as well as self-employed persons. The state support for each test amounts to CZK 60. Testing must be carried out at least once a week, with exception of those who have been tested positive for coronavirus in the past 90 days, have undergone isolation and have no symptoms.

Unless the employee is not tested negative (by RT-PCR or antigen tests), the employer must not allow him or her to access the workplace. The obligation to submit a negative test result when arriving from abroad cannot be replaced by voluntary isolation or quarantine. 

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